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The Ruth gold mine is located in Inyo county north of Trona California. Situated near the end of Homewood Canyon, its well off the main roads and well preserved. Most structures are intact still containing leftovers from the mines active years.
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Guestbook for Ruth Mine Homewood Cyn
David Dills(non-registered)
Fantastic, fascinating photos

You did a wonderful job of photographing the Ruth. Excellent pictures. I am an amateur photographer myself.

Our family owned the Ruth Mine from 1925 to 2007. My grandfather and the Trona doctor grubstaked the original prospector, Doug Graham. Doug was kidnapped and murdered in 1937 for a small amount of money.

We did not abandon the Ruth. We had a wonderful volunteer group that cleaned up and restored all of the buildings. I cannot thank the volunteer group enough. I wish my Dad and Mom could have seen the Mine after they cleaned it up. The BLM seized the Ruth due to the tailings piles.

My father was raised in Trona from 1917. Although our family lived in the LA area, we spent almost every weekend at the Ruth during the 1970's - 1980's. The Ruth will always be our true family home. The Warehouse at the top of the driveway was our "cabin". It is a very special place. From 1990, our two boys enjoyed numerous weekends at the Mine, and they fell in love with it also.

If you happen to visit the Trona Airport, the little Pilot Lounge is named in my Dad's honor.

Best of Luck,

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